Business Building Using Your Free Downloads

Most internet marketers have a hard disk crammed full of free materials they have downloaded since they entered the field of making money online from internet marketing: free marketing ebooks, how to guides, internet marketing tools etc.

With the right methods it’s not difficult to use these either to develop an online money generating sales funnel, increase your subscribers, or both.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to develop your online marketing business using these free resources:

Create new reports using your free ebooks as source material and a suitable pdf creation program, add an attention getting title and an attractive ecover (there are several free programs available on the internet which do a reasonable job of turning basic 2 dimensional graphics into 3D cover images).

Once completed, post your new report on to your website or blog and drive web traffic to your web page or blog using whatever traffic generation methods you prefer.

One of the best features of ebooks and reports is that you can build in hyperlinks back to your web site or blog, and other programs that you are marketing. Just make sure that any hyperlinks you include are related to the content or theme of your report.

If your new report is to be available as a free download, create a “squeeze” page to capture new subscribers for your ezine or marketing newsletter as a pre-condition of accessing the report – this will help you grow your business as you can then use your autoresponder to follow up with promotions for related paid for items (either your own or one’s you are an affiliate of).

Next, post your new free report to as many of the free eBook directories as you can find to create viral traffic back to your web site or blog (and simultaneously improve your site rankings with the search engines!).

You can also create articles loosely based on your new report which you can then post to the free article directories. In your author resource box you can create a hyperlink back to your download page along the lines of “Get more info on this topic from my free report”. By their nature, free article directories are a great way of promoting your business as more and more people read your articles (and improve your web site rankings as well).

If you make your new report a paid for item, you can use exactly the same process to generate additional sales for your internet marketing business.

As a general rule, for best effect you should always capture your site visitor’s name and email address using your autoresponder before they can access the report, regardless of whether it is a free or paid for download.

Without too much effort on your part, using the methods described above you can soon see a marked increase in your web site’s rankings, the number of your subscribers, and your online profits – all by just promoting your own reports which have been created using the free reports you have collected over time.

One serious word of warning though – never be tempted to pass off other’s work as your own by giving it a new title and cover. This is copyright violation and can get you into very serious trouble with the authorities; use the materials you have gathered on your hard drive as a basis or guide only to creating your own new reports.